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Friday, April 30, 2010


Loretta looks pretty good for an old gal and she knows it. She is an insatiable slut who’s sex drive gets bigger and crazier with age. Sure, she likes to “make love” and have tender, sensual sex but her true passion is for down and dirty fucking. The nastier, raunchier and kinkier, the better! The best part about Loretta is that her number one priority is making YOU cum like you never have before. That’s because she prides herself on being the best lay any man has ever had and you are no exception. Every last drop of cum will be drained from you as Loretta uses her mouth and her amazing pussy on you. You’ll never want to fuck anyone your own age again after you’ve spent some time with her.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Shelby gets to have her cake and eat it too. Her husband (who is old enough to be her father) caters and submits to her every whim. In his eyes, she can do no wrong. Surprisingly, he was beyond thrilled when he discovered that she was fucking his attractive sons who are closer to her age bracket. He loves the thought of his hot young wife mopping up the perverted needs of his rambunctious boys. He loves asking her about what they did and the raunchier the better. Of course, his rule still stands; she CANNOT bathe or take a shower after fucking them all. Her husband is turned on by smelling the day’s sex on her and loves licking her pussy after she’s been serving family cock all day long. Shelby can’t wait to tell you all about it, give her a call – she’s waiting for you!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Have you been thinking about panties but NOT on a woman…ON YOU? You’ve come to the right place. My name is Mistress Danielle and I am a professional panty boy trainer. You don’t fool me, I know you are yearning to feel the soft satin on your skin. I know you get hard thinking about stretchy ruffles on your mainly body. You think about your cock packed into the feminine fit of lady’s panties. Your wait is over, I’m here to help you. Remember, you need to adhere to my rules and my commands. For our first lesson, I am sending you to your big boardroom meeting with a pair of pretty panties underneath your suit. This is only the beginning, there are many other places you’ll be going in your panties (and other girlish attire) but you need to pass this test first…think you are up for it? Call me now.


Age is certainly just a number, especially when it comes to being a ROYAL BITCH. Mistress Nicole may be young enough to be your daughter, but she has the sharp tongue and sadistic mind of someone who has lived a lifetime. Nicole will chastise and humiliate you to a point where you are in terror of doing the wrong thing. You might as well accept that she is impossible to please. Even when you think you did something write, she’ll find a million things wrong with it. That’s when her brutal punishments come into play. Mistress Nicole is not for the weak of heart or a man who thinks he can tame her. There’s no controlling Mistress Nicole so proceed with caution!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mommy Sara

Hmmmm. What did I catch you doing? You snuck into the laundry to rub Mommy'ssoft, sweet-smelling panties all over your naked body. You know, Honey, it reallyturns Mommy on to watch you sitting on the floor in front of our washer and dryer,stroking your cock in my sexy lingerie. Maybe I should teach my little one whatbig girls really like!Are you looking for a sexy, single Mommy who yearns to spend time with you?Are you looking for a sweet, loving Mommy who loves and adores you?Are you looking for a strict Mommy, who will pull down your pants and spankyour bare bottom for being a bad boy?I'm Mommy Sara and I promise I will take care of all your needs. I know exactlyhow to make my boys very satisfied.Now, come crawl in bed next to me. I promise to give you an extra special treat!

Obey Vanessa!!

Vanessa knows your secret. You are nothing but a dirty little slut who loves to be turned out on the street like the common whore who sucks and fucks strange men for money. Listen to her as she tells you what dress to put on (maybe some dirty slut panties too), does your make up and finds you high heels. Before you know it, the two of you will be on the corner waiting for your clientele. You know you are nothing but a cocksucking slut and don’t pretend that you are opposed to this. When Vanessa tells you to suck a cock, you’ll suck it. If you don’t listen to her, maybe you’ll listen to one of her bitchy girlfriends that is with you while this is happening. She isn’t as nice as Vanessa is so be mindful! Yes, sucking cocks for pocket change while gorgeous ladies laugh at you is Vanessa’s favorite pastime. You won’t be able to stop until she says so either and a worthless whore like you has a long way to go before you earn her respect!!!

Slutty Tyler

Tyler has always had an obsession with men who were 20 years or more older than her. The way they looked at her made her pussy wet. The look in their eyes indicated their brains were going a million miles per hour thinking about everything they would do for her. Nothing is more satisfying for Tyler than showing older men that she can make all of their dreams come true. One day she turned her attention to her 60 year old next door neighbor. She made up a lame excuse to go to his house and of course wore nothing but a bikini top and short shorts. Within minutes she was sitting on his kitchen counter while he fucked her tight teen pussy. He was so accommodating, rubbing her clit while he shoved his enormous cock inside of her. He wasn’t gentle either, he fucked her so hard like he was angry!! It turned her on so much that she begged him to fuck her ass. The house on the other side of Tyler is for sale, you could move in – or just call her now!!

Big Titty Mitzi

Mitzi feels so lucky. While most teenagers shy away from their parents, Mitzi’s son worships the ground she walks on. She’s always there for him, never judges and always listens. They have a relationship that is so healthy, they can talk about anything. Over the years, talking has lead to teaching. When Mitzi learned her son had a pretty young girlfriend, she wanted to make sure he was equipped enough to please her (and himself as well). She put on her sexiest lingerie and called her son into the bedroom. He was scared at first but she looked so gorgeous. She revealed every part of her body to him and taught him how to please a woman. Feeling her son’s eager tongue on her clit made her explode like never before. He had so much natural talent, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to share him with some teen hussy. They had a long night of mindblowing sex and she wants to tell you all of the other details herself…. Give her a call, you’ll want to be her son (and since she loves role play so much, she’ll likely make that happen!)

Naughty Tina

If you have never had the chance to fuck an older woman before, Tina would love to be your first. She is VERY well maintained for her age; smokin’ hot body, huge yet perky tits and a tight pussy. As they say, with age comes wisdom and Tina would love to show you what’s she learned on her life’s travels. If there’s one thing she is exceptionally talented at, it’s oral sex. You’ll want to explode the minute you feel her mouth and tongue wrapped around your cock, watching it bob up and down. She is also VERY flexible and can teach you all kinds of new positions that will make you cum harder than you ever have before. Tina doesn’t have any limits, boundaries, hang ups or taboos so if there’s something you would to try out OR even teach her, just ask. You’ll have a new respect for a women of age and be COMPLETELY ADDICTED to Tina!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Yes, I get called a MILF all the time. I know I’m hot and I know you can’t stop staring at my righteous body. What you may not know is that I’m the kinkiest slut in town. While I love just about every kink and fetish out there (that I know of at least, maybe you have some new things to teach me?) the one thing that really gets me off is turning men into little sissy boys. Surrender yourself to me and let me turn you into my candy ass bitch. My pussy drips when I think about you in a pair of panties or nylons and heels. Maybe you’re be a good boy and let me put some make up on you too. Watching you parade around the room like a sissy boy will drive me wild and I will need to play with my pussy. Once I’ve decided your little display was to my liking, I’ll invite you to sit on my bed and I’ll show you all of my special toys. I may even have one just for you but you’ll have to call me to find out exactly what it is and how I’ll make you cum with it…


Have you ever experienced orgasm control through guided masturbation? It’s my specialty. First of all, you will need to surrender your cock to me. From this point on, you will do as I say or I’ll make you suffer. Now, brace yourself as I take you to the edge of pleasure and just as you think you’re going to explode, I’ll pull you right back. This could go on for hours/days/weeks. Only I can tell you when to cum. I will give you specific instructions when you call on what I want to do to your cock and you MUST do it. You will feel crazy and high after having your sexual energy pent up like this. When you finally do release (which is 100% my decision by the way), it will be unlike any orgasm you’ve ever had.


Are you hot for teacher? While you may have signed up for math or science, Ms. Morgan is teaching Sex Ed and YOU are the teacher’s pet! You’ll be salivating over her gigantic natural tits, legs that go for miles and her shaved pink pussy spread out before you as she sits on her desk. It’s going to be hard to pay attention! She wants to teach you how to pleasure a woman properly and she’ll make you do it all over again if you mess up. If you grasp that concept, she’s going to award you with an amazing blow job. She might need you to do some errands for her or come back to her house to do some things around the house and she will be more than happy to pay you for your time in pussy.


If Loretta’s huge natural breasts and juicy ass don’t get your attention, the fact that this woman has NO LIMITS will! Yes, Loretta is a fetish coinsurer and the more sick/twisted/taboo your desires are, the more wet her pussy will become! Loretta loves role playing, forced feminization, age play, BDSM (she’s a switch so it doesn’t matter what role you prefer her to be in), being a potty princess, K9/barnyard fun and so much more. If you want her to abuse you or you want to be extremely abusive with her, she would LOVE it! Don’t be shy, your wish is her command. So many guys think they can shock Loretta and they fail. What is YOUR twisted fantasy? Loretta hopes you have a new twisted game for the two of you to play!


Shelby hasn’t been faithful to her husband since Day 1 of their marriage. She married him for the money and all of the other benefits of being a rich old man’s trophy wife. The guy turns a blind eye because he knows that even if he wasn’t impotent, he couldn’t keep up with her sexual appetite. What no one knows is that Shelby is fucking 2 of his sons. Not only are they willing to let her teach them new things, she loves how they have stamina that allows them to go for hours. She also loves how appreciate they are of the blowjobs she gives them. Sometimes she will even let them fuck her face as hard as they would her pussy. Her fantasy these days is to be gang banged by both brothers and their young friends. It might just happen too since she’s the hottest MILF any of them have ever seen!~


Yes, Nicole looks like a preppy teen with a sweet face and a beautiful smile. This is usually what gets most guys in trouble because they forget that underneath the candy sweet exterior is a stone cold, malicious BITCH who can dole out the most cruel punishments. Remember, never speak to Nicole unless she asks you a question. Secondly, ALWAYS do a good job. If she wants you to crawl around on your hands and knees, don’t delay! Third, NEVER argue – she has cock and ball torture devices that will make you cry like a baby. Lastly, she’s ADDICTIVE. She WILL humiliate you and make you feel worthless but you will come back for more because no one makes suffering hurt as good as she does.


Everyone of Bridget’s soft, supple, fatty inches are sweet and you’ll devour her like a delicious dessert! She is very confident in her own skin which means extra bedroom fun for you and she also prides herself on being the best fuck anyone has ever had. You’ll agree once you have a romp with Bridget. She loves having her chubby pussy licked and her asshole teased but she always cuts her pleasure short to pleasure you. It’s true what they say about fat girls and sucking cock – they are the best! Once she gets your cock throbbing, get ready to pound that tight pussy!! You’ll love feeling her soft rolls and watching her massive tits bounce and shake as you pound her. She loves to put her vibrator on her clit while she’s being fucked. You can cum anywhere you want – in her pussy, on her huge tits, all over her face or a little everywhere! Bridget is the BEST and will leave you drained (and begging for more!)


If you are planning on spending any time with Denise, you need to be able to keep a secret. The image she projects is that of a perfect housewife and mother, a servant to her family and the greater good of the community. The truth is that she is a wayward, whorish nymphomaniac who is TIRED of being good and sick of being monogamous with her husband. When her husband is gone and the kids are at their friend’s house, she puts on her sluttiest outfits and cruises the seediest dive bars in town, looking for a man to give her the pussy pounding she desires. She also has been having 3somes with her best friend Gail and her husband. She loves being the center of attention when she rides Gail’s husband reserve cowgirl and Gail licks her clit. She’s hoping that a trip to the swingers club with them will help her make her gang bang fantasy come true. Denise is really having her cake and eating too but you won’t tell, will you?


Most people think that Leah and her husband are the cutest couple. What they don’t know is how cruel Leah’s husband can be…and even more interesting, how much she LOVES his abuse! Any time they fuck, he is beyond rough. He always seems to pick a time when she’s not in the mood but he doesn’t care. He rips her clothes off and just jams his cock in whatever hole is closest (and of course THAT is what gets her in the mood finally!) Leah’s husband loves to show off his wife’s dick sucking skills. The last time her had his buddies over for a game of poker, he forced he to suck all of their cocks. This turned into a rough and wild gang bang that left her pussy raw, her asshole gaped and covered in cum. You’d be SHOCKED to hear the things Leah and her husband do, but she’ll have to tell you about them in person.

Mistress Danielle

Don’t even bother pretending you are a tough guy or a manly man. Danielle knows that underneath that masculine exterior lies a quivering, sissy pantyboy who wants nothing more than to be exploited by her. She knows you love sniffing panties and want nothing more than to wear them. She has selected the most girlie pink panties complete with ruffles all over the ass. Put those panties on and show them off for her. If you don’t give her a good enough show, she’ll take your panty-ed ass and throw you over her knee. Would you like some heels or some nylons to go with those panties? Maybe you’d like to show all of her deviant friends what a good panty boy model you are and strut around while they laugh and remind you of what a sissy you are. If you do a good job, she will reward you with all kinds of pleasure that will make you jizz all over those pretty panties.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mistress Vanessa

Vanessa knows that underneath that tough male exterior, there is nothing but a cock starved whore. Don’t be afraid to show your true colors around Vanessa. She’ll help get you dressed up in your sluttiest lingerie and heels. She will even put your lipstick on you. Once you are dressed, it’s time to turn you out on the corner. You will obey her EVERY command and suck every cock she tells you to suck like the worthless sissy whore you are. You better be ready because she chas some customers that will want to take your ass too. You’ll be pounded so hard and have hot cum all over your sexy lingerie. Watching you be such a vunerable whore makes her wet. She may just reward you for a job well done but you’ll have to work extra hard. After all, what gets her off the most is watching you on your knees taking one cock after another.

Tyler is a SLUT

Tyler may be a teen but she has a LOT of experience. Even as a child, she was always intrigued with sex. Now that she is a young adult, she’s been able to explore a variety of kinks and fetishes. Nothing is too hard, too dirty or too taboo for her. She loves role playing (especially the most forbidden kinds of age play – can you be her Daddy and can she be naughty baby?), the most brutal types of S/M and has recently become intrigued with potty play. Yes, feel free to turn her sweet face into a toilet seat or let her turn yours into one. She recently taught herself how to squirt and learned the joys of reverse bukkake. Can you teach her something new? She has a lot of energy and needs someone who is as sick as she is and of course can keep up with her energy.

Mommy Mitzi

Mitzi got pregnant when she was only 16 years old. Now her baby boy is 16 and Mitzi hotter than ever. Her teenage son’s friends LOVE coming over just so they can get a peek at their friend’s hot mom, the ultimate MILF. She loves his cute friends too, she always wanted to bang the star football player in high school and she makes up for lost time with his football team mates. She loves wearing her sluttiest outfits when they come over and will randomly pull one into the bathroom with her. It doesn’t take long before his jeans are unzipped and she is bobbing up and down on his young throbbing cock. She has a special relationship with her son too and enjoys teaching him new things about the ways of love. After all, she wants him to be able to please his girlfriend. She comes so hard when she is being pounded by her son and loves coming all over his cock. Having such a talented live in lover is the best!!!


Don’t be fooled, Tina is a lot older than she looks! She is the ultimate MILF. Men her age love her but it’s the younger guys who are completely entranced. They all fight to do her yardwork because they know she pays in pussy. Sometimes Tina likes to be a submissive and let those animalistic young men bang her while she cums repeatedly (Tina can squirt too!!) Other times she loves to play the role of the caring Mommy and teach these young men some new things. She loves to show off the amount of pleasure she can bring a sexy young stud and she is also a patient teacher, schooling them on how to pleasure a woman. These boys learn all kinds of new things that they wind up trying out on their young girlfriends later. It’s the best of both worlds, a Mommy and a slutty girlfriend wrapped into one HOT bombshell!

My name is Bridget and I love to FUCK!!

It’s time to call the hottest girl in town who has A LOT more cushion for the pushin’. It’s true what they say, fat chicks try harder. This hot chubby slut will drain every last drop of cum right out of you. You’ll love the way all of her folds of fat feel on you and you can grab her fat ass as you plow your cock into her juicy pussy. You’ll love watching her milky white skin ripple with every thrust. Bridget has a very talented mouth and will give you a blowjob that will blow your mind, as she can do things with her mouth the average girl cannot. Bridget LOVES facesitting and considers herself an expert! She loves the thought of a poor guy’s face being smothered in her thick juicy pussy. She loves to rock back and forth so her clit gets rubbed by his nose and of course that makes her gush more.


If people in the neighborhood, the PTA and her own HUSBAND knew what kind of cock starved whore Denise was, her life would never be the same again. Today she decided that her neighbor, a nice married man who works from home, needed a little special company. She put on her sexiest sundress and called him. She fed him some story about losing her wedding ring in the garbage disposal and needing a man’s help. Once he arrived and entered the kitchen, Denise sat on the counter with no panties on. Between her curvaceous tanned body and her deviant smile, it was all over. He unzipped his fly and ravaged her. He was surprised she could take all 9 inches of his thick cock. Most women he had fucked cried a little as it entered their pussy but not Denise, he watched his entire cock disappear into her tight pussy. He fucked her hard and rubbed her clit while doing so, she came again and again. He whipped his dick out and then put it in her mouth. She sucked and pumped his cock with her hand until he blew his load all over her face. She realized she had best clean up for her long day, it was only 10am and she still had the pool guy to ‘deal’ with in an hour…

Hi, my name is Leah!!

A lot of guys think they know what a true submissive is but then they meet Leah. She embodies what it is to be a a TRUE submissive. Leah won’t speak unless spoken too, she knows her place. She knows that her role is to be her husband’s cum slut servant and make sure that he (and the assorted men that the men he makes her fuck) are pleased. The other night her friend invited two of his friends over. Leah was instructed to wear her slutiest & most revealing outfit. Her husband commanded that she start sucking his friends’ dicks. They sat right next to each other so she was able to easily move her hot lips back and forth between the both of them. While she sucked one of the friend’s dicks, the other decided to fuck her in the ass. He rubbed her clit a little and then jammed his 10 inch cock in to her tight asshole. She squealed a bit but knew she had to keep going. The other friend shoved her mouth down on to his cock so it went down her throat. She gagged a bit as he became to unload all of his hot cum while the other man continued to fuck her in the ass. She didn’t think it was possible to have more fun but then her husband joined in….

I'm ready to put the freak you are on MY leash

Another day, another opportunity to turn an unsuspecting wimp into my personal sissy boy bitch! I’m not happy until I see their pathetic cock hanging out of pink panties. I invited a guy from church over “for dessert” but that was a big fat lie and he fell for it. Once he walked in, he noticed my crotchless lingerie and gasped as I locked the door behind him. I commanded he strip. The look of shock on his face made my pussy drip. As he bent over to remove his shoes, I grabbed his head and shoved it into my sopping wet pussy. I felt his tongue on my clit momentarily and as he tried to move, I forced his face into pussy my harder and quivered with ecstasy at the sound of him drowning in pussy juice. I decided to give him a break because there would be more of that later. I released him and as he lowered his pants, I saw his throbbing dick. “Look at that worthless puny cock! You are the biggest sissy I’ve ever seen! Let’s get you into something more appropriate.” I said. I grabbed a pair of peach panties with lacey roses and made him put them on. I also gave him a pair of heels and told him to strut for me. He just stood there and stared like a dumbass. “This is unacceptable”, I scolded, and “you get over here RIGHT NOW so I can give you the spankings you deserve.” He looked terrified but his hard cock indicated he was definitely ready to be my sissy cum slut.

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